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Pamela Spiszman

Five Excellent Reasons To Choose Home Care

Home Health Care Offers Independence, Custom Care, Family Participation, Improved Health, And Avoidance Of Facilities For Many Individuals Chronically ill, disabled, or elderly individuals sometimes have difficulty in meeting their needs without help. Pegasus caregivers in Granada Hills and elsewhere are proud to…

Family Caregivers Are Superheroes Of Senior Care

Family Caregivers Are The Unsung Heroes Who Provide The Help That Their Loved Ones Need November is dedicated to recognizing the services provided by family caregivers. Mature adults depend on them for senior care. Pegasus home healthcare specialists in Verdugo City and elsewhere know how hard these superheroes work and we salute them.

Caregivers And Their Role In Long Term Care

Individuals Of Any Age May Require Long Term Care, Which Can Be Provided By Family Caregivers Or Home Healthcare Professionals You may believe that long term care is only for elderly, sick patients warehoused in a depressing facility. In reality, Pegasus caregivers in Rosemead and elsewhere assist individuals of all ages in their home. We have collected the information you need to know if your loved one needs care.

Veterans Receiving Homecare May Need Special Care

Veterans often have health problems, due to their service in adverse conditions, that can require special care to continue living at home. Pegasus professionals in Agoura and elsewhere provide comprehensive homecare services. We recognize that veterans may require special care to continue living at home. We are honored to meet their needs.

Five Good Reasons To Thank A Physical Therapist

There are more reasons to thank a physical therapist than many people realize. Pegasus healthcare professionals in Lakeview Terrace and elsewhere understand the importance of physical therapy in helping people move freely. Their treatments help individuals continue living independently at home.

We Have Tips to Help You Maintain Liver Health

A healthy liver is a big part of your well-being. Many individuals don’t give that hard-working organ much thought until it fails. Pegasus caregivers in Hidden Hills and elsewhere have compiled the facts you need to keep yours in good working order. Your liver is about the size of a football. Weighing around three pounds, it’s your largest internal organ. It’s located on the right side of your abdomen, just under your rib cage.

Recognizing Depression in Family Caregivers

Family caregivers usually aren’t surprised when loved ones become depressed. What isn’t expected by many is the same symptoms affecting those who are providing care. The Pegasus homecare experts in Studio City and elsewhere know that depression is an illness that can strike anyone.
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