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Pamela Spiszman

Learn How Yoga Can Improve Senior Health and Mobility

Flexibility is an essential part of senior health and mobility. Pegasus Home Health Care experts in Chatsworth and elsewhere encourage you to explore yoga techniques to improve your ability to move. You’ll discover mind and body benefits as you practice the exercises. Yoga has many aspects to it, just as your mind and body have many aspects. Yoga is extremely adaptable. It can be easily tailored to meet your unique abilities and needs.  

Founder and President and CEO of Pegasus Home Health Care Named One of 2018 Women Achievers by Business Life Magazine

Pamela Spiszman, RN, MBA, the founder, president and CEO of Pegasus Home Health Care, Inc., was recently selected as one of the 2018 Women Achievers by Business Life Magazine. She is one of several women in the surrounding area honored by the magazine for its 29th annual celebration of women’s achievements in business, community and leadership endeavors. Located in Glendale and serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, Pegasus Home Health Care has been providing medical and personal care services for families since 1994, helping individuals maintain their independence and the lifestyle they enjoy in the comfort of their own home. In the 24 years since its founding, Pegasus has grown year after year and now employs more than 100 people.

Look to Your Diet to Keep Your Gallbladder Healthy

Your diet has an impact on your gallbladder. Pegasus caregivers in Saugus and elsewhere can help you with beneficial food choices. August 24 of each year is Gallbladder Good Health Day, but eating well is a daily choice. Your liver produces bile. Bile is a liquid that helps your body digest fats. It also helps your body excrete waste products. Bile is required only after you eat, but your liver continually produces it. Your gallbladder is a storage pouch. It concentrates and holds the bile until it is needed for digestion. When you eat, the muscles of the gallbladder squeeze bile into the bile duct. From there the bile travels to the small intestine. The bigger the meal, the more bile is released.

Tips for Stocking a First Aid Kit for Seniors

Natural disasters, accidents, and health crises happen. Pegasus homecare professionals in Altadena and elsewhere know what to do in an emergency. They have compiled these tips on what to include in a first aid kit that fits your circumstances. First aid is immediate attention to a medical problem. It can be as simple as removing a splinter in a finger. Or it can be a life-saving procedure, such as administering CPR. Having a first aid kit enables you to respond quickly. A fast response reduces injuries or could save a life. A first aid kit isn’t much use if it’s not quickly accessible. It needs to be located where you can easily reach it when needed. If you drive, keep a second kit in your car. You can buy pre-assembled kits at many retail stores and pharmacies. Those will have the basics, but might not meet your needs. You can add to them or build your own from scratch.

A Fire Preparedness Plan Can Help Keep Your Senior Safe

Having an up-to-date fire preparedness plan is an essential part of safety. You may need to take additional precautions to help your elderly loved one. Pegasus Home Health Care experts in Los Feliz and elsewhere have compiled these tips to aid you. Fire injures or kills more individuals than any other disaster. Statistics show that the elderly experience twice the rate of injuries or death than younger individuals. Smoking is the biggest cause of fires in homes.
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